Taper Gauges for External Threads

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Allen Taper Gauges are extremely stable to permit measurement of a broad range of sizes. They are designed for operator use, enabling user to reposition quickly for the successive measurements needed to determine thread taper. Clearly marked dials insure fast, accurate reading.

All taper gauges are furnished with 4-48 shank tungsten carbide contact points 0.072″ diameter, unless otherwise specified. Contact points can be easily changed to equip gauges for a variety of thread forms. 

All gauges in the 5600 series have a 5″ throat depth and are normally equipped with 1/2″ travel indicators. A 1″ travel indicator is available upon request.

The 5538 and 5637 series have extended throat depth and dial range as listed.

All taper gauges except 5619 and 5624 are furnished with fitted carrying case.


Taper Gauges for External Threads

56060-6"1/2" to 1"
56090-9 5/8"1/2" to 1"
56144-14"1/2" to 1"
561910-20"1/2" to 1"
562416-24"1/2" to 1"
5538-J8 1/2" Length of thread
16" Diameter of thread
5538-D7" Length of thread
14" Diameter of thread
5538-G7" Length of thread
14" Diameter of thread
5637-D5" Length of thread
9" Diameter of thread
5637-J4" Length of thread
6" Diameter of thread
5637-S5" Length of thread
9" Diameter of thread
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