Setting Standards for Internal and External Gauges

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Internal and External Large and Small Diameter

Allen thread height gauges give a fast, accurate reading of distance between the thread crest and thread root. Gauges with dials reading 0-100 measure the actual thread heights. Those with dials reading 1-10-0 measure the error in thread height and must be used with a setting standard.

The 6709, 6710 and 7705 gauges are equipped with the Allen Self-Centering Height Gauge Point for round bottomed threads. This point is a unique combination of an outer sleeve, hardened and ground to a 60° angle, which seats on the thread flank and allows the inner contact point to drop into the exact center of the root radius. The new 6710 and 6711 gauges feature a shortened anvil, allowing for easier inspection of small diameter tubular products. This design permits anvil contact surface to rest on all fully formed threads, instead of overlapping imperfect threads.

Other height gauges have cone points for V or buttress threads or special points for extreme-line threads. All gauges are furnished with fitted carrying cases.


Setting Standards for Both Internal and External Gauges

6780-J8 & 10P Round Threads
6780-L8 & 11 1/2P V Threads
6780-S8 & 10P Round and 8 & 11 1/2 P V threads (matched pair)
1233-AButtress Casing, 13 3/8" and smaller
1233-SB16Buttress Casing, 16" and larger
6780-S-12V.038R, V.050, V.040 Rotary Shoulder Connections
6780-S-11V.065, V.050, V.040 Rotary Shoulder Connections


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