Lead Gauge 5690-CM

Gauge Type: External Lead Gauge, 50mm
Thread Type: All API Thread types gauge utilizes interchangeable Ball Points
Dial Type: 10~0~10, Balanced
Accuracy: 0.005mm over entire range
Dial Travel: 0.5mm

Description: The 5690-CM is used to check lead error on the External API Threads. The 5690-CM is designed with extremely high accuracy, and the ability to make quick and precise readings. This is guaranteed due to the high degree of craftsmanship used in the assembly of these carefully machined and hand fitted gauges. The 5690-CM accuracy allows the gauge to read product errors up to 0.25mm from 0.005mm. The 5690-CM indicates product error so it must be used in conjunction with the proper Setting Standards, which are available in various pitches and accommodated for specific tapers. By first “zeroing” your 5690-CM on the proper setting standard, the product error is read on the dial. The measurement taken then indicates the deviation from the API Nominal. The range of this gauge is 50mm with per inch measurements, which is accomplished by varying the spacing of the interchangeable Ball Points at 12mm intervals. The Lead Setting Standards that are required to be used in conjunction with the Lead Gauge are also designed with readings at 12mm intervals up to 101mm. The body of the 5690-CM is chromed and contoured to insure durability, which will allow the 5690-CM to be a reliable tool for many, many years. Also, all of our Lead Gauges feature reverses tension on the moveable contact, which simplifies handling on Buttress Type Threads. The Allen Lead Gauge, 5690 Series, is without a doubt the top of line when it comes to reliability, durability, and most of all precision.


Lead Setting Standards

5691 Setting Standards are hardened and precision ground to the API accuracy requirement of ± 0.0001″ between adjacent notches and ± 0.0002″ between nonadjacent notches. Standards for tapered threads are compensated for error in measuring lead parallel to the taper cone instead of parallel to the pipe axis.

Before using the lead gauge, it should be zeroed out with an Allen Lead Gauge Setting Standard (Template). The dial indicator should read zero when applied to the Setting Standard. If it does not, the sliding-beam lock screw should be loosened, the gauge adjusted to zero using the adjusting screw, and the lock screw tightened.

Setting standards for specific threads can be made. Please furnish complete thread data and prints.
5691-ALead Standard8 & 10 TPI 3/4 TPF API Casing or Line Pipe
5691-BLead Standard8 &10 TPI 3/8 TPF V Thread
5691-ABLead Standard6 TPI 1 1/8 TPF A-B
5691-D3Lead Standard11 ½ TPI ¾ TPF API Line Pipe
5693-FLead Standard5 TPI 1 1/8 TPF V Thread
5691-J-Lead Standard5 TPI 1 ¼”TPF EX Line Csg
5691-J-3Lead Standard6 TPI 1 ½”TPF EX Line Csg
5691-KLead Standard5 TPI ¾ TPF API Buttress Casing
5691-K-16Lead Standard5 TPI 1 TPF API Buttress Casing
5691-LLead Standard4 TPI 2 TPF, RSC
5691-MLead Standard4 TPI 3 TPF, RSC
5691-NLead Standard5 TPI 3 TPF, RSC
5691-P-4-ALead Standard3 ½ TPI 2TPF, H-90
5691-P-4-BLead Standard3 ½ TPI 3TPF, H-90
5691-P-4-CLead Standard3 TPI 1.25 TPF, H-90 SL
5691-QLead Standard5TPI 1 ½TPF 30 Degree Acme
5691-RLead Standard6 TPI 3/4 TPF Improved Buttress Tubing
5691-T-3Lead StandardTPI 1 ½ TPF RSC
5691-XLead Standard5 TPI 2 TPF V Thread
5692-RLead Standard5 TPI 1 ½ TPF OTIS Buttress
5692-SLead Standard6 TPI Folsom .129 Step
5692-VLead Standard8 TPI Folsom .100 Step
5692-WLead Standard8 TPI Folsom .070 Step
5693-FLead Standard5TPI 1-1/8 TPF V Thread
5693-HLead Standard4TPI 1TPF, .038R RSC
5693-QLead Standard4TPI 1 ¼ TPF V Thread


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