Coupling Gauge 7964-B

Gauge Type: Coupling Thread Alignment Gauge
Thread Type: API Buttress and Round Casing Couplings
Size Range: Couplings 4 1/2~20″
Dial Type: 0-25-0, Balanced
Graduation: 0.0005″
Dial Travel: 1/4″

Description: The 7964-B Coupling Thread Alignment Gauge is used to check the axial thread alignment on API Casing and Line Pipe couplings. For measuring stability, two adjacent contacts are located on one end of the gauge body with the measuring point located 3″distant. Any misalignment of the coupling threads, relative to each other, is then indicated on the dial. Naturally, it will also accommodate interchangeable Tungsten Carbide contacts, allowing it to be used on various thread types.



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