Coupling Gauge 7964-AM

Gauge Type: Coupling Thread Alignment Gauge, Metric
Thread Type: Buttress Casing Coupling & Round Tubing Couplings
Size Range: Coupling Thread Alignment on Sizes 114mm & Larger
Dial Type: 0~50~0, Balanced w/ Revolution Counting Hand
Graduation: 0.01mm
Dial Travel: 6mm

Description: The 7964-AM, Coupling Thread Alignment Gauge, is used to check the coupling thread alignment on Tubing & Buttress Casing. This gauge is excellent in checking for any misalignment of the coupling threads. This 7964-AM is used by placing the gauge into the coupling with the contact points being an equal distance apart from the center. On the 7964-AM the contact points on the gauge are separated by 127mm, which is for checking sizes of 114mm and larger. Once the gauge is inside the coupling run the 7964-AM around one time, and the movement in the hand is the misalignment of the coupling. On the 7964-BM the contact points on the gauge are separated by 76mm, which is for checking sizes of 4 1/2″ and smaller.



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