1231 Base Segments for External Buttress

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“External” Buttress Base and Segments for Threads

Three Dial and Single Dial Gauges

The Three Dial and Single Dial gauges are convenient working gauges for controlling the basic thread form on API buttress casing. Their main role as a quick check of thread angles and tooth width during production help to control the manufacturing process and to evaluate incorrect or worn tooling.


External Buttress Specs

Base and Segments for External Buttress
5 TPI, 3/4 TPF, Threads
1231-D14 1/2Ext. Buttress Segment
1231-D25Buttress Segment
1231-D35 1/2Buttress Segment
1231-D46 5/8Ext. Buttress Segment
1231-D57Ext. Buttress Segment
1231-D67 5/8Ext. Buttress Segment
1231-D78 5/8Buttress Segment
1231-D89 5/8Buttress Segment
1231-D910 3/4Buttress Segment
1231-D1011 3/4Ext. Buttress Segment
1231-D1113 3/8Ext. Buttress Segment
1231-D1216Buttress Segment
1231-D1318 5/8Buttress Segment
1231-D1420Buttress Segment


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